About My Face

Hi, I’m a 27-year-old (or twentysomething since that’s what the cool kids are calling it) living in New York and wishing I had a dog. I’d be happy to show you a picture of my parents’ dog, though. My main hobbies include reading, running, cooking, watching hours upon hours of Netflix, and crying in the bathroom.

Oh, and if you clicked on this because you really wanted to know about my face, it’s kind of freakishly short, but that possibly could be due to the bangs.

One thought on “About My Face

  1. What kind of dog are you going to get — someday? Did you have a dog growing up? What are the pros and cons of being a writer with a dog? I can’t think of many writers with dogs, can you? Steinbeck wrote a bad book called Travels with Charley — don’t read it!

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