I went on a dog adoption site because I am a masochist

So after reading about a pet adoption site styled like an online dating app in The Daily Dot, I went on the site, PawsLikeMe.com, took the matching quiz, and fell deeply in love with my matches. This is all for naught because

  1. I live in New York and don’t have space or a backyard
  2. My commute to work is about 45 minutes so I can’t come home to walk said dog
  3. My apartment doesn’t allow pets
  4. My roommate is allergic

That said, I really, really want a puppy. Guys, there’s one who’s cocking his head and staring at me mournfully all “please love me.” I get you, dude. Don’t we all just want to be loved? His foster mom describes him as “friendly, loyal, cuddly, and smart.” I am all those things, too! We would be BEST FRIENDS.

Anyway, if you want a puppy and have the means to support and house one, check out this site. If you want the puppy and don’t have the appropriate resources, stay away, because you will end up crying in the bathroom at work like I did.

2 thoughts on “I went on a dog adoption site because I am a masochist

  1. Joy or Elvis. But I’m allergic and spend a lot of time away from home so it’s not going to happen. I hope you stop crying and come out of the bathroom real soon.

  2. Dear Laura, I agree. I have wanted a dog for 40 years and am determined to get one before …. well, you know. My EX hated dogs, and now my work takes me out of town too much. Someday. Except that you might find it way too religiousy, you would find a posting on my Facebook page about Dogs and how really great they are. Yes, they are great to love and they will love you totally. Good luck!

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