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I will know I have hit rock bottom when I start shopping for clothes at Rite Aid

This just makes me sad. I was at Rite Aid the other day and walked by the center aisle, where there was a whole display of ugly clothes. Not Halloween costumes or anything, just regular clothes. The highlight was a pink bubble shirt.

If you don’t know what a bubble shirt is, you probably weren’t a middle school girl in 2001 like I was. They were all the rage for about thirty seconds, highly coveted in the tween set, and I did not have one. But by god did I want one.

Like this one, only pink. Don’t worry, guys, Amazon still sells them.

I guess I never realized how ugly they were. And I guess Rite Aid never realized that nobody has worn them in fourteen years.

Anyway, this is a just a sad fact of life that apparently people shop for clothes at Rite Aid. Like, lemme pick up an outfit that will go with my deodorant. Damn will I look fine and totally like an adult in that bubble top.